Do you want to reset your galaxy phone default factory settings.

How to reset.....??????
Go...select... press......press and hold.....type this .......etc....ok

Don't worry. It is simple. I explain how to it works.
Hard reset you phone delete, lose your personal data. First of all charge your phone batter and backup your important, personal data.
Take out your SIM card and SD card.

To reset your phone dial this code   *2767*3855#

Wait until finishing reset and automatically reboot phone. Do not press any buttons, do not touch any place will reset and reboot.
Now your phone is reset default factory settings. This code is work most samsung phones reset.

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  1. it is work .thanks..

  2. A extremely helpful blog post. The way you have share this knowledge is truly very grateful. Wish to see more on this subject here. Thanks for posting this knowledge here.