Now I am using samsung galaxy y phone. It is best budget Android Smart phone.
The samsung galaxy y phone, Camera, GPS, Wifi, Bluetooth, Push mail and other option is very good.
But i have problem this phone. I found that it's phone battery dose not last long and need to be recharge twice a day. I thing battery performance is one of the biggest problem in android devices. I have solution fix this problem.

Now i am explain how to extend the battery backup time.
Every time charge your battery use it is low, and then charge your battery turn off your phone.

Use below steps Improve your battery

  • : Do not use live wallpapers.
  • : Turn off Bluetooth, Wifi , GPS, 3G (HSDPA) when not in use.
  • : Close all unused application.
  • : Manage Brightness levels.
  • : Turn off Screen Animation.
  • : Manage Screen timeout.
  • : You can use Task killer Application.
Manage Brightness:- Go to menu > Settings > Display > Brightness slide to low brightness.
Turn off Screen Animation:- Go to menu > Settings > Display > Animation > select No animation.
Manage Screen timeout:- Go to menu > Settings > Display > Select 15 second or you like.

I hope help these steps to improve your battery life. Now you can enjoy.

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