You have important and useful contacts on your Android phone or android tab, Do you want protect your contact, and then you should export them to your SD card in case they get erased from your phone.please follow below easy steps.

Export contact to SD card

1    Go to Contacts   >   press Menu key (option key   “= “)
2   Select    Import/Export   
3   Select Export to SD Card
4   Confirm your export press OK 

Within a few seconds, you will have all the contacts saved on your SD card. You can see your SD card VCF file.

Import contact from SD card

1    Go to Contacts   >   press Menu key (option key   “= “)
2    Select    Import/Export   
3    Select import from SD card    
4    Select    phone     (import contact save storage)

Now you can see you’re all contact your phone.

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  2. i know an app, Coolmuster Android Assistant, could import or export data on your android phone in few simple steps. how to backup contacts android

  3. The method has changed since Android 5.0. To import and export with Android Assistant, one of the best Android device management apps. The tutorial is here: www.androidphonesoft.com/resources/transfer-contacts-from-android-to-computer.html

  4. Export the best imported Andrews software http://www.renewandroid.com/transfer/how-to-transfer-icloud-photos-to-android-133.html

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  6. To backup your contacts, you can sync them with your gmail. To backup, export and import contacts on Android, you can use MobiKin Assistant for Android tool to help you. Except contacts, it can also import and export SMS, photos, music and more files on computer.