Most android phone and tablet have a problem, Battery life is noticeably longer. Battery performance is one of the biggest problems in android devices. I think usually goes in and out of 4G/3G & it kills on battery. Fix this problem use data toggle widget. Provide the widget to user to turn on/off mobile data (3G/HSDPA/CDMA/LTE) by using the widget. I think this apps most useful. You can get this application free by using google play store.

  • Go to google play store > Type fattin data toggle

  • Select fattin data toggle apps> select install > select download & install

  • Go to home screen > press home icon > select add

  • Select Widgets > select Fattin| Data Toggle apps.

 Now you can see your home screen Fattin| Data Toggle apps icon. Press it on/off 3G.

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