All China phone models are not supported with automated configuration system.
You can set up your handset to Etisalat GPRS settings manually.

Follow the instructions to set up your phone

Step 1
  • : Go to menu Select  Services, wap or internet icon
  • : Select Data account > GPRS
  • : Select any GPRS account
  • : Account name > Edit > Fill in a Account name (Etisalat wap)
  • : APN > Edit >  Type  wap       
  • : Keep in blank User name and Password
  • : Auth. type > normal
  • : Done or Ok
Step 2
  • : Go to menu Select Services, wap or internet icon
  • : Select Wap
  • : Go to Settings > select Etisalat Sim (Sim 1 or Sim 2) 
  • : Select Edit profile > select Etisalat sim >  select any profile
  • : Select Edit profile
  • : Rename profile > Edit > Type profile name Etisalatwap
  • : Home page > Edit > Type  http://wap.etisalat.lk
  • : Data account > select > GPRS > select data account Etisalat wap (1 step create account)
  • : Connection type > select > HTTP 
  • : Type proxy address  >  type proxy port  9401
  • : Keep in blank User name and Password 
  • : Done or Ok
  • : Activate profile > Ok

Reboot your phone after setting up. now you can connect internet and enjoy.

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  1. all after,its showing network error

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  3. doesn't work for me lol

  4. thanks for sharing this i will have to try it out,

    hope it will work for me

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  7. Why is that how ever much you try to configuring all profile when connecting it shows connection error still .and some times lines are changed .

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