If you want to take screen capture on your android phone's any place.
Follow the easy steps below to take a Screen capture your Android phone.
First of all you must download and install screen capture application.
You can get it free by using google play store.

 This the steps you can follow,

  • : Got google play store > type  Screen capture and search
  • : Now select Screen capture Shortcut free apps
  • : Select Download
  • : After installing open Screen capture apps
  • : Capture from notification Select  Yes 
  • : Capture delay  Select you want time
  • : Go you want screen cap place
  • : Drag up to down phone task bar Select  Screen capture apps Icon 
  • : Don't press or touch any buttons or place
  • : Go to Gallery view capture photo.

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  1. Doesn't support Huawei G300 on gingerbread 2.3.6

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  4. Not supported for Samsung Tab 3

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